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  • Full Stack Engineer

    New York, NY

    Job Description
    We are looking for a highly creative and innovation-driven Full Stack Engineer to work with Envisagenics data engineers and bioinformatics scientists to enhance platform capabilities and optimize performance of the SpliceCore platform. Envisagenics is a highly multidisciplinary group combining software engineers, UX designers, computational biologists and pharma partners. We consider ourselves language and framework agnostic and strive to use the best tools for the job. We are looking for someone who thrives on coming up with simple and effective solutions to complicated problems, someone who is principled, an object-oriented software designer who loves to take proactive ownership of things.
    • Work in a collaborative agile team environment to design and build features, services and tools for the SpliceCore platform and future platforms.
    • Drive enhancements, optimize performance and troubleshoot defects for core applications.
    • Develop core UI components of a fast, scalable, complex web application.
    • Construct meaningful, interactive, responsive, frictionless, and succinct visualizations for a variety of subject matters and domains.
    • Build data visualizations using JavaScript libraries such as React/Redux/Angular, D3.js, Plot.ly, Three.js, WebGL, Processing, PileUp.js, BioJS as well as Ruby on Rails, and have strong debugging abilities across all major browsers.
    • At least 1 year of full-stack web development experience using React, Node, and SQL.
    • Experience working in large JavaScript codebases and have kept the code modular and loosely coupled.
    • Working knowledge of UI/UX practices including user research, requirements definition, design, prototyping, implementation and testing/evaluation.
    • Working knowledge of HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, ReactJS/Redux, D3.js, Three.js, Unity or any data visualization framework.
    • Fundamental knowledge of data visualizations and interactive experiences.
    • Experience working with large databases.
    • Familiarity with Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) methodologies and related Python libraries.
    • Understanding of software development life-cycle and experience developing an idea from conceptualization through implementation.
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
    • Strong analytical skills and problem-solving abilities.
    Desired Skills
    • A working level understanding of data science principles including data wrangling, cleaning, collation and querying through various methods such as JS, Shell scripts or SQL.
    • Interest in expanding knowledge of biological sciences and desire to learn about genomics and transcriptomics.
    About Envisagenics
    Envisagenics is a bioinformatics startup developing cloud-based solutions to leverage biomedical big data and accelerate R&D therapeutics through machine learning. Envisagenics is a spin-off from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, a biomedical research institute ranked #1 worldwide for scientific impact in the field of genetics. Envisagenics’ core technology, SpliceCore was developed by our CTO while at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in Dr. Adrian Krainer’s Laboratory, a leader in the RNA splicing field who was also a developer of Spinraza (Nusinersen), the first FDA-approved drug to treat children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The mission of Envisagenics is to materially advance the world’s ability to cure diseases, discovering new and more efficient drug targets through the analysis and integration of genomic data alongside our pharma partners.


    Derrick Stroman

    Operations Manager
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