• Artificial Intelligence Platform for Drug Discovery

    SpliceCore™ is the Envisagenics cloud-based drug discovery platform that uses RNA data from patients to accelerate R&D therapeutics discovery using artificial intelligence to identify new biomarkers and drug targets.

    • Extract biologically relevant RNA isoforms from raw RNA-seq data.
    • Discover new drug targets and biomarkers through splice isoform quantification coupled with predictive-analytics.
    • Prioritize disease-related genes connecting your data to our databases and algorithms.
    • Rapidly advance to experimental validation with a well-supported list of targets.
  • SpliceCore™ accelerates the discovery of RNA therapeutics

    • By analyzing billions of RNA sequence codings in the cloud to identify RNA splicing errors, 5 million splicing events can be narrowed down to a few hundred in hours.
    • Then using AI to select the most plausible targets we end up with a handful of targets that can be validated to understand the biology of these targets and how RNA splicing is causing a disease.
    • With the RNA target in hand we can intelligently design and simulate the drug’s behavior in patients with SpliceCore's modular platform.